Remco Jorna

Remco Jorna

CTO, FintechOS

Remco Jorna has been with FintechOS since 2020 joining as the company’s CTO. He is responsible for managing the technical aspects of the organization to ensure FintechOS is in line and on point with its rapid growth targets, as well as streamlining the wider organization.

Remco is a Firestarter with a broad experience in IT as a business enabler, working on IT strategy and enterprise architecture. He has worked in the financial services industry since the early days of his career, both inside and outside of financial services institutions across a range of different roles.

His passions lie in learning and developing his understanding on numerous technical topics, including but not limited to growth hacking, technology innovation, enterprise architecture, enterprise application integration, insurance reference architecture, and mobile and internet strategies.

11:20h - 11:50h
UK Time

Stage 2

FintechOS Enterprise Readiness

  • Community
  • Technology
Enterprise-readiness: what does it mean? In this session, we dissect the meaning and the basic concepts of enterprise-readiness, and share our latest progress in making the FintechOS platform Enterprise ready. FintechOS identity management FTOS Cloud Configuration management

15:20h - 15:30h
UK Time

Stage 1

What’s in store for enterprise makers

  • Product update
Remco Jorna, FintechOS CTO, will provide key updates on cloud deployment capabilities. Why is fintech keeping CTOs and CISOs awake at night? Eight critical capabilities for digital financial enterprises. Introduction to recent upgrades to FintechOS deployments.