Peter Baron

Petr Baron


Petr Baron, CEO of TBI is a digital transformation leader with extensive experience in retail banking and business evolution. On his career path, Petr has held CEO roles and multiple board positions in financial industries across European markets, leading companies to provide best-in-class financial instruments, create innovative and scalable business and foster best practices. As the driver of one of the most profitable banks in Southeast Europe, Petr believes the key for success lies in having the right mindset, team culture and customer-centric approach. He has a BSc in Investment and Financial Risk Management from the Cass Business School, UK. 

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The future of retail lending: automated, personalized, democratized

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Customers today seek quick, easy and digital access to loans anytime, anywhere. However, the loan origination experience is often less than ideal because of outdated technologies, cumbersome policies, and labor-intensive processes. Banks looking to grow and retain their retail customers need to shift towards a customer-centric business model. Moderated by Sergiu Negut, our panel of experts […]