Lidia Circei

Lidia Cirstei

Service Delivery Director of Professional Services, FintechOS

More than 20 years’ experience on financial services, covering a wide range of activities in the banking sector as well as in the insurance industry.
The main focus of my insurance experience was to create a superior customer experience within the areas of Operations, Underwriting and Products &Services development, where I have been actively and eagerly leading the transformation journeys for these areas.

In 2021, I have joined FintechOS as a service delivery director within professional services, being responsible for implementing our software to our key customers by delivering complex solutions through expert services.

12:10h - 12:40h
UK Time

Stage 2

Digital claims: targeting efficiency and trust

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Digitalization of claims can help both insurers and customers. Learn how to leverage successful insurance customer outcomes and provide quick, cost-effective, low-risk services to your community. How digitalization of claims helps both insurers and customers. Claims operations and observability needs. Leveraging successful insurance customer outcomes.