Brian Lande

Brian Lande

Head of Mortgages, Avant Money

Brian led the launch of Avant Money mortgages into the Irish market in 2020, creating the first new challenger in this market since the financial crash.  Avant Money created market leading price propositions and has been the first to introduce fixed for life mortgages to Irish consumers.  The business has gained almost 4% market share in its first trading year and expects to achieve further growth in 2022.

Brian previously worked with the global consulting firm, Berkeley Research Group, providing strategic advisory and digital transformation expertise to the boards/executives of many leading financial services organisations across the world.

12:10h - 12:40h
UK Time

Stage 1

Reinventing the Mortgage Experience with Digital Innovation

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Moderated by Andrei Gaman, Commercial VP of Banking at FintechOS, this panel will explore the key challenges and opportunities in the mortgage industry, and how lenders can leverage technology to accelerate the digitization process, automate the mortgage value chain, and innovate to support the creation of seamless mortgage experiences and integrated systems and offerings: How […]