11:40 - 12:10


Stage 1

The game of loans. Bridging the SME financing gap through innovative lending

  • Banking
  • Panel

Access to finance remains one of the greatest challenges for SMEs. How can banks leverage technology and innovative business models to improve SME lending?

Moderated by Catalin Dediu, VP of Product Management at FintechOS, this panel will explore what banks can do in order to reduce risk, provide SMEs with easier access to finance and seize the full opportunity of the SME market.

We will also identify how banks can innovate and transform SME lending to address the increasing competition from fintechs, changing regulations, evolving customer expectations or challenges related to manual processes or legacy technology.

Session highlights:

  • What’s the market opportunity in SME lending?
  • Where do banks and their customers struggle to get fast results?
  • How can banks improve access to finance for SMEs?
  • What opportunities are there to innovate in this area?
  • How is technology shaping the future of SME lending?
  • What lessons can SME lending take from consumer innovations in UX?