13:05 - 13:35


Stage 1

Changing the rules of the game: The future of financial services

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The financial services landscape is changing: insurers provide on-demand subscriptions, retailers provide embedded banking and insurance, telcos provide payments and lending. And the revolution continues with super apps, distributed finance, parametric insurance, roboadvisors and many others.

The time when one could operate a single business model for years is over. And although the incumbent FI’s acknowledge the need to innovate, they still do not have the right resources, technology, talent or mindset to change, get ahead or replicate the success of the new digital players in the market like Revolut, Chime, Lemonade.

Intertwining different financial services to create personalized customer experiences is creating havoc into internal operations because the banking or insurance technology was never built for this.

But what if there is a way?

In this session, Teo will show a way to tap into new business streams, boost existing systems, build new differentiated financial services in record-time and ultimately, radically transform your customer experience.